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ForĀ painted furniture information, email us at info@paintus-envy.com
ForĀ room design information, email us at info@burwittdesign.com
Please contact us about any furniture or accessories you would like us to paint and we'll give you a quote!
Looking for a fun desk to put in a little girl's room? Here's one that started out as an "orange" finish...typical of the early 80s! BUT we saw the great lines and the great sliding "windows" that are inset with metal mesh! So we painted it a putty color, distressed it, applied clear and dark wax to give it some age and finally added some copper metal paste to highlight some of the details. Great for homework or doing that lost art of writing letters and cards!!
Check out this chest we found at a flea market! It was black with a pretty funky fruit and flowers "painting" on the top. We painted it beige, distress it, and then stenciled French script on the top. Put a plate of glass on the top and you have a coffee table sure to start conversation!!